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Commu­ni­ca­tions. Marke­ting. Network.

For your successful market access in Germany and abroad

Advan­cing your sales & marke­ting projects on trans­na­tional level

As a passio­nate networker and commu­ni­cator, I have been shaping busi­nesses at the inter­face of marke­ting, sales & public rela­tions for over three decades. With a thematic focus on digital services, retail & hospi­ta­lity, archi­tec­ture & inte­rior design as well as event & desti­na­tion marke­ting.

Yet always eager and enthu­si­a­stic to explore new indus­tries and topics.

Winning commu­ni­ca­tion with rele­vant topics

Studying in France, working in Italy, selling Japa­nese products in Europe, marke­ting German trade fairs around the world and recrui­ting Euro­pean and American players for events and invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties in India — these are the inter­na­tional stages of my career path.

I bring people toge­ther and connect them, through rele­vant topics and winning commu­ni­ca­tion, in person — and on all digital chan­nels.

  • Inter­na­tional refe­rences, reknowned industry players
  • Sound know­ledge in all facets of modern brand commu­ni­ca­tion
  • Distinct multi­l­in­gual commu­ni­ca­tion skills (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish), inter­cul­tural compe­tences

Support at all stages of your expan­sion plans

Whether overall manage­ment of your commu­ni­ca­tions & marke­ting acti­vi­ties in Germany or selec­tive support —  it will always be with exper­tise, crea­ti­vity and proven results in:
German market access international support marketing, text and PR
  • Market rese­arch
  • Analysis of poten­tials
  • Marke­ting & sales stra­tegy, incl. social media
  • Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of and approach to rele­vant distri­bu­tion or busi­ness part­ners
  • German liaison office
  • Event orga­niza­tion and marketing/PR for your trade show or confe­rence parti­ci­pa­tion
  • Corpo­rate commu­ni­ca­tions
  • Adapt­a­tion of your webpages to German spea­king markets, trans­la­tions, checking of KI-gene­rated German texts
  • Website concept & text, SEO
  • Copy­wri­ting, product descrip­tions, content crea­tion
  • News­blog, white paper, case studies, email-marke­ting & social media campaign texts
  • Edito­rial work
  • Public rela­tions, press releases

Let’s start the dialogue!

Weller Consul­ting supports your company in all commu­ni­ca­tion and marke­ting tasks, for an attrac­tive and effec­tive brand presence, digital and analogue!

Use the contact form, write an e‑mail or call Düssel­dorf right away at +49 211 16453973. I look forward to our first conver­sa­tion!